Services Offered

As a leader in the paving industry, Manhatten Paving has established higher standards of conducting business with the public. Paul Lane provides free estimates to customers with inquiries. In addition, he provides post-purchase services such as: burning out pinch marks–due to normal wear and tear, ironing and sealing edges, also setting up appointments for later seal coat applications. Furthermore, he provides job feedback for added customer service value.

Free Estimates

In-home consultation and need based analysis will allow us to give you the best advice as to what you may need done to your property. Paul focuses on giving you an accurate depiction of the current state of your property. He has over twenty years of experience in estimating the needs of his customers.

Post Purchase Support

Post purchase support is the process where Manhatten Paving makes follow up calls and answers questions about your specific job after the work has been conducted. We pride ourselves on our customer relationship management abilities and are continually seeking better ways to meet and exceed your needs as our customer.

Provides Job Feedback

Paul will go over specifics about what is to be done and how you can proactively maintain your property after the work has been completed. All questions are good questions in our book! He will make every attempt to see that are you fully aware of the new aspects of your currently treated asphalt. By providing you with the know how you can make sure that you will get your money’s worth out the work done on your property.