Products Offered

Manhatten Paving specializes in resurfacing, patchwork, and seal coats for residential and commercial properties.


By putting a new surface of hot mix asphalt over your driveway you are increasing the overall life expectancy of the entry way to your home. Resurfacing older driveways is necessary if the existing one is corroded, worn out, or cracking in many parts of the property. A newly resurfaced driveway will increase the value and durability of your property; ultimately inviting visitors into your dwelling place.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen Old Asphalt
  • Maintain beauty
  • Increase longevity

PatchworkPatch work creates a bond with older asphalt overlays and newer durable patches; thus, increasing the strength of older driveways, parking lots, asphalt curbs, speed-bumps, trenches, etc. The primary function of patching over old asphalt is to gain a few years of use to the existing property. If there are many cracks and broken areas of the asphalt it may be beneficial to resurface your entire driveway.

Key Benefits

  • Keep Existing Asphalt From Tearing Up
  • Mend Holes & Strengthen Weak Spots
  • Increase Durability

Seal Coating

Asphalt driveways are made up of many different environmentally safe products: stone (aggregate), fine stone, asphalt cement, & sand. These different ingredients are bonded together by the asphalt cement to form a very strong hot mix, which is usually about 350 degrees in temperature. Seal coating (or sometimes called slurry seal) is put on driveways with squeegees to help the asphalt protect itself from the effects of the sun, tire marks, aging, etc. Over time the asphalt may become cracked or brittle, making the asphalt fall apart. By sealing the asphalt you will prevent as little damage to the existing asphalt as possible. Preventative maintenance here is the key to seal coating!

Key Benefits

  • Makes Driveways Water Tight
  • Creates Bond For Asphalt
  • Helps Asphalt Cure Properly